Aged Care

Your Security is Our Priority

Healthcare facilities care about improving the safety of their patients, staff, and facilities. With rising security costs, administrators want to optimize their operational efficiency. Theft and loss of medication and equipment also continue to be a common problem.

The healthcare industry is looking for the enhanced benefits of video security and analytics. Moreover, every hospital or medical provider strives to implement the best safety procedures and technologies while maintaining a welcoming and pleasant environment.

Integrated surveillance, analytics, and access control solutions help medical institutions protect patients proactively. Additionally, smart video security solutions can locate misplaced or stolen objects (machines, patient devices, medicine, vehicles, etc.) and track high-risk patients. They also play a pivotal role in increasing facilities’ operational efficiency. Add audio analytics to the mix, and security administrators and their operators are equipped to address cases of employee or visitor aggression, fire safety, and other emergency management risks immediately.

Why AE Video Security

When faced with limited funding, high administrative costs, or recession, intelligent video security solutions can help hospitals relieve the pressure. Choose AE to reduce liability claims, detect threats proactively, improve operational efficiency, and provide surgery documentation for educational purposes.

Key benefits


Build from existing investment while retaining privacy

  • Integrates with existing cameras
  • Hundreds of hours saved in forensic searches
  • Add access control to extend capabilities
  • Video and metadata storage remains on-premises
  • Full site survivability and local access

Save storage and money

  • Decrease storage demands automatically with Smart recording
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption on critical links with AI-based optimization
  • Support both on-premises and cloud within a single deployment
  • Support for larger hospital networks

Safe and reliable environment

  • Capture every detail at all times with discreet security cameras
  • Monitor high-risk patients at all time with remote monitoring
  • Enable preventative action through immediate response time
  • Improve operations and services

Operational awareness

  • Increase operational productivity and reduce facility costs
  • Distribute air and heating efficiently, optimize cleaning
  • Use people flow insights to manage emergency room queues efficiently

Simplicity and compliance

  • One-click configuration of AE cameras
  • Encrypted media at rest and in transit
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Digital watermarking to prevent tampering
  • Simple subscription model without hidden costs or analytics add-ons