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School Security Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems


Current industry challenges

More than ever, schools and universities face increasing threats to their students, personnel, buildings, and grounds. Security managers must keep track of various locations: outdoor and indoor areas, playgrounds, sports fields, research laboratories, libraries, canteens, and more. With limited security budgets and a shortage of trained staff, educational institutions strive to provide an open, nurturing environment without compromising their students’ security and privacy.

A comprehensive solution for the education sector must be efficient on three levels: preventing incidents, mitigating damage, and communicating as incidents are happening, and post-incident investigations.

A typical school security system consists of video surveillance equipment, including IP cameras, a video management system, video analytics, access control, as well as a secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Thus, educational facilities would greatly benefit from intelligent surveillance solutions that integrate easily with existing third-party security cameras while providing the same advanced functionality to analyse all the video footage with actionable insight in real-time.


Why AE Video Security

Monitoring campuses to protect students, parents, and staff means balancing proactive measures with an effective response to incidents. AE helps you identify unwanted events like vandalism, intrusion, loitering, parking violations, or people involved in suspicious acts so that you can focus on what truly matters: delivering positive academic experiences.


Detect anomalies in real time

Powered by AE, the dynamic Video view with instant notifications draws attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks. Identify intruder break-ins, loitering, guns, or unauthorized vehicles in real-time. Your operators can switch between live and playback with the click of a button. Gain additional insights via AE audio detection to identify sound patterns and get alerted in real time.


How do AI video analytics help schools?

AI analytics (sometimes referred to as “computer vision”) help schools proactively detect potential threats and investigate conflicts in a time-sensitive manner. Without analytics, monitoring and reviewing video surveillance takes up time and resources that many schools do not have. With analytics, schools are able to react quickly to potential threats and investigate on-campus conflicts in a way that is effective and efficient.

Here are some of the many ways that schools use AI video analytics to improve student safety on campus.


Speed up incident investigation

AI video analytics make it easier and faster to investigate conflicts and suspicious behaviour on campus. Because smart security cameras automatically recognize and index different types of activity, most of the legwork is already done. You can see exactly when different types of activity took place and jump straight to the footage you’re looking for.

Schools can use AI video analytics to detect and respond to:

  • Aggressive movement, fights, and bullying
  • Unusual human or vehicle movement on campus
  • Large groups and overcrowding in unwanted areas
  • Students accessing a faculty-only area
  • Suspicious activity after-hours
  • Break-ins, vandalism, and trespassing